The Pilgrimage Companion



A man had returned from Hajj. He was relating his adventures to Imaam Sadiq (as), and his companion.
He was most impressed with one of his companions of Hajj, and was praising him. What a gracious
man, we were so blessed to have him with us, he was busy praying and worshiping all the time. As we
would stop somewhere, he would rush to a corner and start prayers.
Imam (as): “Then who was attending to his duties? Who was watering and feeding his animal (ride)?”
Man: “Of course, we had the honor of doing all that for him. He was busy in his sacred quest, and had
nothing to do with such mundane things.”
Imam (as): “Then indeed, you all are better than him.”

Anecdotes of Pious Men by Murtadha Mutahhari

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