Islamic Perspective on Sex (Part-36)



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If the condition becomes unbearable, and the husband cannot stand his wife, he may divorce her; but, if the wife cannot bear her husband, it is lawful for her to ask for Khul' (instant divorce). In this case, she must return to him the Mahr (dowry) she took, at which, the marital relation ends. This is a sign of complete justice in Islam; the husband gave the Mahr (dowry) to his wife, and took care of all marital costs. Allah (SWT) says:
(And it is not lawful for you [men] to take back [from your wives] any of your Mahr (dowry) which you have given them, except when both parties fear that they would be unable to keep the limits ordained by Allah. Then if you fear that they would not be able to keep the limits ordained by Allah, then there shall be no sin upon either of them if she gives back [the Mahr or a part of it] to her husband in order to free herself [i.e. through al-Khul' (instant divorce)].)
Ibn Abbas (RA) narrated that the wife of Thabit b. Qais came to the Prophet (SM) and said: 'O Messenger of Allah! I do not blame Thabit for defects in his character or his Deen, but I, being a Muslim, dislike behaving in an un-Islamic manner (if I remain with him)." On that the Messenger of Allah (SWT) said to her: 'Will you give back the garden which your husband has given you [as Mahr]?’ She said: 'Yes.' Then the Prophet (SM) said to Thabit, 'O Thabit! Accept your garden, and divorce her at once.'   

The goal of Islam in this is to safeguard the honor of people, and society from all evils. If a woman stays with a man she does not want (or cannot bear) or if a man stays with a woman he does not want, this may lead one of them to the unlawful, especially if they do not have a strong Islamic sense to prevent them from doing the unlawful. Allah (SWT) says:
(But if they separate, Allah will provide for each of them out of His abundance. And Allah is ever All-Sufficient for His creatures' needs, All-Wise.)  (4:130)

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Islamic Perspective on Sex - Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha

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