Islamic Perspective on Sex (Part-37)



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Outcome of Sexual Freedom
Islam has prohibited fornication, and it is considered among the gravest sins. Islam has also forbidden all things that lead to it. Sayyid Qutb, may Allah have mercy on him, said :
'Islam seeks to eliminate pure animalistic sexual behavior where one is unable to differentiate between one individual and another. It seeks to establish a lasting family, not a relationship which ends after the initial sexual encounter. It also seeks to establish relationships between both sexes on account of human feelings and emotions; a relationship in which the spouses' hearts, feelings and bodies come together. They live their lives together and hold similar hopes, and bear similar pains, and seek out a future together. In this atmosphere, the new generation is raised, under the guardianship of both parents, and in an appropriate manner.
In relation to this, there is a grave punishment for fornication in Islam, and it is described as an animalistic relapse, which effaces all these meanings, and goals [mentioned above] and transforms a human into an animal… he would not differentiate between one woman and another, nor would a woman differentiate between one man and another. All a person hopes for is to fulfill his sexual desire. Even if he does differentiate between one and another, no goodness would result from this relation, and he may not be trusted or charged with the betterment of his (nation); no offspring or true emotions would result. True emotions have a lasting effect; this is the difference between lusts, passions and true emotions. Many do not differentiate between these two things, and are confused in this regard. What many consider emotion is actually an animalistic passion! Islam does not bar one from expressing his natural emotions nor regard them as lowly behavior. Islam only regulates, purifies and elevates it from animalistic lusts. Fornication, and in particular, harlotry holds no such values, and is very distant from all feelings, emotions and ethical manners and sense of belonging and relationship. Islam regards harlotry as the filthiest act in a human society. This practice would degrade man and equate him with an animal. In fact, there are many animals that live a decent and organized social life, far from the problems that arise from harlotry in some societies.'

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Islamic Perspective on Sex - Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha

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