Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-19)



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Note: The Egyptians had a festival day called 'Wafa-an-Neel'. This was considered the greatest festival day of the year.

And so it was agreed on 'Yawm-uz-Zeena Fir'own immediately sent a message to all over his Kingdom that wherever there was a skilful magician, he should be sent to the capital as soon as possible.

Finally the ’Yawm-uz-Zeenat'arrived with all his royal pomp and splendour Fir'own was sitting on his throne on the plain. Ground him the courtiers were arranged according to their ranks. Thousands of spectators had come to see the confrontation between truth and false-hood. On the one side were all the famous Egyptian magicians from all over the Kingdom with all their tools. On the other side stood Allah's Messenger (SM)  and his brother Haroon (A).

The Magicians came to Fir'own and asked: "If we today defeat Musa (A) and are victorious over him, will there be a reward and special honour for us.

Fir'own replied: "Undoubtedly, Not only that, you will also become of the near and honoured ones in our court."

After the Magicians had received this assurance they turned to Nabi Musa (A)and Musa (A) told them: "Fir'own you! do not fabricate a lie against Allah. Let it not be such that He send a punishment, which will destroy you. Whoever fabricates lies against Allah (SWT) will not be successful.

Then the Magicians said: "O Musam * either, you throw down your staff or we will throw down.

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