Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-22)



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The Anxiety of Bani Israel
When Nabi Musa (A) came to know of the actions Fir'own and his courtiers planned against Bani Israel, he gathered the Israelites and advised them to have patience and to rely on Allah (SWT). They heard him and answered: "O Musa (A) we were caught up in calamities before this. Since you have appeared we have had hopes of improvements, but now we are still caught up in those same miseries. Now we are facing great hardship."

Nabi Musa (A) consoled them that Allah s promise is true. "Fear not. You will be victorious in the end. Your enemy will have to face destruction. Remember the Master of this earth is not Fir'own or his people, but Allah the Lord of the worlds who is One invested with complete authority. And whosoever of His servants he wishes its make to master, he makes the Masters. And the good ending is for the righteous ones."

He told them:
"The evil deeds and injustices of Fir'own are not yet at an end. He is still not agreeable to allow the Israelites and capture believers to  leave Egypt."

Then he prayed: "O Allah, for the wealth you have given Fir'own, instead of him being grateful, he practises tyranny and injustice on your servants. And neither does he accept the path of truth, nor does he allow others to accept it. He uses all force to stop them. Now Lord, jet him taste his evil deed's. Destroy his wealth, about which he is so proud, and just as he kicks against the truth of Iman, let it be that instead being enriched with the wealth of Iman, a terrible punishment should overtake him that will be a lesson for others.

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