Beating Women is Forbidden in Islam (Part-8)



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From the analysis of this Hadith we can conclude to the following:
This Hadith (saying of the Prophet (SM)) includes three different sayings of the Prophet (SM), which he said in three different occasions, and not only once, in one sole case:
The first occasion:
The Prophet (SM) said “Do not beat women.”, and here ends the first occasion, and therefore, whoever had heard these words from the Messenger of Allah (SWT) had learnt with certainty that the Islamic view on beating women was that it is forbidden and that whoever does it is a sinner, since he has violated the Prophet’s (SM) command.
According to these, I address my response to you, dear reader. If you were there during that time and heard the Messenger of Allah (SWT) say, “Do not beat women” would you say that beating women, according to the Islamic Law, is obligatory, preferable, permissible, repugnant or forbidden? And would you consider that whoever did it would be rewarded or considered a sinner? And would you say that Islam oppresses women and allows beating them?

The second occasion:
Now, let us move to the second part of the hadith, in which ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattab came to the Prophet (SM), meaning that this happened on another occasion than when the Prophet (SM) said: “Do not beat women.”  ‘Umar came to complain about the women, saying: “Women came over their men, disobeying them and treating them with arrogance and a bad manner.” Here and only here, as an exception, the Prophet (SM), taking into consideration the realistic circumstances of life, gave permission to beat one’s wife, ONLY in such circumstances. But how should this beating be? This will be explained later on.

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Beating Women is Forbidden in Islam - AHMED AL-AMIR TSEKOURA VIVIAN

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