Hasan and Hussain Help an Old Man



When the grandsons of the Blessed Prophet, Hasan and Hussain (Rh) were very young, an old bedouin once came to Madinah.

When the time of salah (prayer) came, he began to make wudhu, but he was making his wudhu incorrectly.

Hasan and Hussain saw the old man making his wudhu wrong, and wished to correct him, but were not sure how. He was an old man, and being young children, they didn't want to point out the old man's mistakes. They might hurt his feelings, It wasn't good manners to point out the mistakes of their elders* What could they do?

Both the brothers thought and thought over the problem, and at last hit upon an idea* Together they arranged a plan to teach the man how to make wudhu correctly, without insulting him, advising him in a manner befitting his age. 

They went over to the old man, and asked him if he could help them, "My brother and I disagree over who amongst us performs Wudhu the best. Would you mind watching us make wudhu, and be the judge to see which one of us indeed performs Wudhu more correctly? Could you please correct us wherever we are wrong?"
The man watched carefully as the two grandsons of the Blessed Prophet(SM)   performed Wudhu in an explicit manner, Soon he knew the correct way of making wudhu, realising his mis takes , After Hasan and Hussain (Rh) had completed their wudhu, the old man thanked them and said, "By Allah (SWT) I did not know how to perform wudhu beforethis. You both have taught me how to do it  correctly."

Mamqih Imam Azam liikurdi vol 1 page 39

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