Searching for Happiness? (Part-10)



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As for the five pillars that must be practiced, they are:
1)    Uttering a phrase that is the key to entering into Islam (i.e. The Two Testimonies of Faith). It is a contract between a servant and his Lord, signifying that he is upon this religion:

“Ash-haduanLaaIlaahail-Allah, wa Ash-hadu An-naMuhammadan ‘Ab-duhuwaRasooluhu.”
“I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger.”

This testimony signifies the acceptance, admission, and adherence to the fact that worship must be offered to Allah alone. It also includes the acceptance of Islam as the only correct religion, Allah as the only true deity deserving worship, and that all other deities and religions are false. The second part of the testimony entails an affirmation that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and that he is to be obeyed and everything he said must be believed in.

2)    The Prayer. It is a combination of statements, actions and invocations carried out in a specific manner. It is performed five times daily and doesnot take much time at all. In fact, a prayer may not take more than five minutes. Prayer is the link between a servant and his Lord. It enables a Muslim to be confident, mentally and spiritually at rest, calm and untroubled.

3)    The Zakaat. A wealthy Muslim must give a small portion of his money to the poor; 2.5% of his wealth to be exact (per year). Even though it is a small amount, it enables the Muslim community to be conciliated and merciful amongst each other. It propagates brotherhood, love and concern amongst Muslims. And again, Zakaat is only to be given out by the wealthy, not the poor.

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Searching for Happiness? - Dr. Saleh Sindi

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