Hell-A Vision from within (Part-64)



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Therefore, consider, whether reading those lines, or listening to them, and contemplate on the importance of this Day [348], for it's the destiny of all Allah's, His Almighty's, creatures not to enter Heaven but by crossing over Hell, on the Al-Sirat. Allah, His Almighty, says

Al-Serat, as I have learned, is an extremely long, long, long bridge, on top of Hell. When it is erected, Honesty will stand on one side, and Womb will stand on the other, informing, and announcing that whoever delivered Honesty as should be, and kept a close relationship with the family relatives is saved and goes to Heaven. Yet whoever betrayed Honesty or destroyed his relationship with his relatives, his feet will not be able to carry him, so he falls, and his hope of entering Heaven is lost. How long is this person, who falls in Hell, is going to remain in Hell, until His Almighty's mercy reaches him? Well, If he remains for one day, then he has stayed there for a thousand years! If he remains for half a day, then he has stayed for fifty years! Allah, His Almighty, says

A single moment in Hell causes the punished to forget all pleasures he enjoyed before
A single moment or actually a single dip in Hell is enough to cause you to forget all the pleasures you have enjoyed on earth. Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, said: "The most pampered person in life, of the people of Hell, is brought on the Day of Judgement, and is dipped in Hell, then he is asked: "O Adam's son! Have you ever enjoyed any prosperity? Have you ever encountered any pleasure?" So he says: "No. I swear by You, my Allah." Then the most miserable person in life, of the people of Heaven, is brought and dipped in Heaven, then he is asked: "O Adam's son! Have you ever felt any misery? Have you ever encountered any harshness?" So he says: "No. I swear by You, my Allah, I have never suffered any misery, neither have I seen any harshness, ever." [351]

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