How to win your wife's heart (Part-10)



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The Epidemic Of Sins
Sins and forbidden actions are considered to be one of the most serious causes of marriage problems and its spread among Muslims. Allah (SWT) as well as the people attach no important to a sinner.

Ibnul Qayyim said: "Among the punishments originated from sins is that they revoke the blessings and cause curses. The servant of Allah Allah (SWT) loses Allair's blessing by a sin, and is inflicted by a curse when he commits a sin".

And among die punishments inflicted on a sinner: He loses his rank, position and dignity towards Allah and His servants, because the most revered person to Allah (SWT) is the one who fears Him most, the closest one to Him is die one who obeys Him in everything, and the position of a servant is established by his submission to Allah's commands. If he disobeys Allah's commands, he will be dropped in His estimation and Allah will also drop him in His servants estimation. Consequently, he will live among them in a bad predicament, underestimated, miserable, unrespected and unhappy.

Some wives often complain about their husbands' sudden change. They reminisce the sweet moments they passed and the love they used to share together; but, now, they do not care anymore about them nor about the children.

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Qattaan said: "The wife is the reason behind her husband's sudden change, she should ask herself and read Allah's saying in the Qu'ran:

Verily! Allah will not change the goodcondition of a people as long as they do not change there state of good themselves [Ar-Raad:11]

Perhaps, it is because either she or her husband has committed a sin.

The reasons behind them arriage problems:
The worst is abandoning prayers and other Islamic obligations such as Zakat,fasting and pilgrimage.
1. The wife's delay to take a bath so as to keep her hair done,
2. Not encouraging their daughters to Wear Hijaab when they reach the age of puberty .
3. The breaking of relations.
4. Hiding the children's wrong doings from their father.
5. Backbiting
6. Usury
7. The watching of dirty movies ahd listening to music
8. Employing a maid and car driver unnecessarily.
9. Making fun of religious people and of Islam
10. Smoking and drinking intoxicant.
11. Disobeying the parents.

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How to win your wife's heart - Ibraahim Ibn Saaleh al-Mahmud

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