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Animal rights
The Prophet (SM) commanded for animals to be treated fairly and with kindness, instructing that they should be fed and watered. He promised that such actions would be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection. He also instructed that they should not be made to carry a burden more than they could bear, nor tormented or caused undue suffering or killed unless they were harmful. If an animal is to be slaughtered as food then it should not be slaughtered in front of other animals. This is to avoid making the animal suffer.

Rights of the deceased
Islam maintains respect for the person even after death. When a Muslim dies, he or she must be buried according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SM). The body of the person is washed and perfumed. Then it is wrapped in two pieces of white cloth and the body is buried facing the Kaaba.

We are advised to hold the deceased’s body gently to ensure that its bones do not break. Before and after the burial, people are encouraged to pray that Allah forgive the deceased and admit him or her into paradise. Islam prohibits sitting on or walking over the grave, in another sign of respect for the dead.

Features of Islamic Teachings
Allah (SWT) has made the message of Islam easy to understand and to follow. He annulled some previously prescribed rites and practices while affirming others according to His wisdom. As a result, the Islamic creed and law suit peoples’ spiritual, psychological, social and economical needs, for all of humankind and for all eras.

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