The Prophet and His Grandchildren



One day, there was a great gathering in the Prophet's (SM) Masjid where the Prophet (SM) was telling the people about Allah (SWT) and the wonderful ways of Allah (SWT)

It was very quiet inside the Masjid that people hardly moved as the Prophet (SM) spoke to them. Then suddenly without warning, he stopped speaking and began to walk towards the door.

The people were surprised and puzzled, Where could the Prophet (SM) be going suddenly? It seemed strange, hut it did not remain a mystery for long.

When people in the crowd turned round and followed the Prophet (SM) with their eyes, they saw why he had acted as he did.
Two children smartly dressed in red shirts were walking towards the Masjid and as the Prophet (SM) had been speaking, he had seen them through the door. The Prophet loved all children of course, but these were two very, very special children as far as he was concerned.

They were his grandsons, Hasan (Rh) and Hussain (Rh)  the sons of the beloved daughter of the Prophet (SM),  Fatimah (Rh) and her husband Ali (Rh), the fourth Caliph.

Naturally, the Prophet loved the two boys very much and they in turn loved him. When Hasan (Rh) and Hussain (Rh) saw their beloved grandfather; they grinned and started to run towards him with their arms stretched out to embrace him.
The Prophet was delighted to see them and brought them back into the Masjid where he told them to sit down beside him. Then the Prophet (SM) resumed talking and the crowd in the Masjid fell silent again. as they listened to the words of Allah (SWT) great Messenger (SM)  Naturally, the Prophet(SM)  was a frequent visitor at the house of his daughter Fatimah (Rh). He loved to be with Hasan (Rh) and Hussain (Rh) but he became very distressed when he saw that either of the boys was unhappy or crying. When this happened, the Prophet(SM) would call his daughter and tell her to leave whatever she would have been doing to attend to the children.

This was because the Prophet (SM) thought that nothing could be so important that it should come  before a child who needed comfort.

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