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4. Scientific validity and accuracy
It is not surprising to find in the Qur’an and statements of Prophet Muhammad (SM) information which has only recently been discovered by modern science. This indicates that the Qur’an is the word of Allah and that Muhammad (SM) is His Prophet. On the other hand, the religious views which the church presented concerning God, the Bible, and the individual’s relation to God forced people into an unfortunate choice: either science or God. Most educated people have come to the conclusion that one cannot be a scientist or an educated person and be a true Christian at the same time. Many philosophers, scientists and the majority of lay people lost hope of reconciling religion and science; thus the ideology of secularism was developed. This dichotomy would not have arisen if the original Gospel which was revealed to Jesus (SM) had not been distorted. Islam, the pure religion, raises no contradiction whatsoever between religion and science. This is naturally obvious because both religion and true scientific knowledge are from the same source: Allah, who does not contradict Himself.6
5. Prophetic fulfilment
Many of the events prophesied in the Qur’an and in the Prophet’s statements have come to pass. This is further proof that Islam is not a man-made religion because it is unimaginable for an uneducated man who was living isolated from other civilizations to make up such prophecies.
6. Moderation
In Islam, there is no conflict between spiritual and worldly life. Rather, it provides a balance between all aspects of human life, taking into account the needs and wants of individuals and society. Therefore, secularism, materialism, monasticism and extreme asceticism are all rejected in Islam, which provides a middle way to achieve harmony and balance between the spiritual and material needs of people. This is why Allah has called the Muslim nation in the Qur’an as a: 
{...just community [moderate nation]...} (Qur’an 2: 143)

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