Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-36)



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The Appointment of Seventy Chiefs
After the Israelites had their crime pardoned Nabi Musa (A) told them: "These tablets which are with me is Allah's Book which He revealed to me for your guidance and for your worldly as well as religions life and its success. It is the Torah. You are required to believe in it and to follow its instructions.  

They asked him: "O Musa , how do we know, for sure, that it is Allah’s Book?

We will not merely believe because you say so. We will believe when we shall see Allah with our own eyes and He tells as that this Torah is His Book."

Nabi Musa (A) explained to them that is a foolish question and request. "You will not be able to see Him."

However their demand was insisted upon. Nabi Musa (A)thought about it and then said to them: "This is impossible that you in your hundreds of thousands should come with me to Horeb on Mount Toor, to confirm Allah's Book.

I think it is best that you choose some chiefs from among you to go with me. And when they come back after confirmation, then you must also accept. And moreover because of you worship of the cow you committed a big sin" it now seems advisable that you should also exhibit your sorrow and regret and make a promise to continue good works in future."

They agreed with this proposal and Nabi Musa (A) chose seventy chiefs and took them with him to mount Toor. On the mountain a white cloud enveloped Nabi Musa (A) and he began to talk to Allah (SWT): He said:

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