Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-38)



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The Qur’an says:
"And remember you said: O Musa (A), we shall never believe in you, until we see Allah (SWT) manifestly, But you were dazed with thunder and lightning even as you looked on. Then we raised you up after your death: 

You had the chance to be grateful." (2:55)

Bani Israel's Second Refusal and Mount Toor
When the seventy chiefs after being brought back to life returned to their people, they told the others that whatever Nabi Musa (A) had told them was true and that he was sent by Allah.

It would have been natural for them that they should be grateful to Allah and show obedience to Him, but it so happened that soon thereafter they again showed their obstinacy and in spite of the confirmation by the seventy chiefs, they again refused to accept the Torah, bringing all kinds of excuses and objections. 

When Nabi Musa (A) saw this, he again complained to Allah of their attitude. And Allah revealed to Nabi Musa (A) :

"With regard to these disobedient ones, I give you one more miraculous sign: viz On that same mountain on which I conversed with you and where your seventy chiefs saw what they saw, I shall command that same mountain to move from its place and to become suspended over Bani Israel like a roof and to declare silently that Musa (A) is the true Messenger of Allah and that the Torah is Allah's true Book and if these two facts were not true you would not see this event happening.

As soon as Allah’s decision was made Mt Toor moved from its place and became like a roof canopy over Bani Israel saying. O Bani Israel, if there is reason and understanding in you and the ability to differentiate between truth and false hood, then listen with an ear of truth, I am a special sign from Allah to indicate to you and to bear witness that Musa (A) has on various occasions had conversations with Allah on my back and the Torah as a Book of guidance was also received by him on my back. 

O you evil ones of rebellion and disobedience; This posture of mine which surprises you, is to bear witness that when the softness of a person's heart changes to hardness he can became as hard as a piece of stone and even harder and as such no guidance can enter it. I am a collection of stones but in front of Allah's order I submit completely but you in your selfishness and arrogance are not even prepared to change your 'no' for a "yes."

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