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An important area that needs mutual
understanding is money. A husband is required to support his family according to his means. The wife should learn to live within those means and show appreciation. She should avoid the two extremes of meanness and extravagance in accordance with the teachings of the Qur'an (25:67).
She should avoid all wastefulness, which the Qur'an identifies as a form of ingratitude to Allah (Qur'an 17:27). She should also avoid frequent demands for luxuries. If she is a good wife the husband may take pleasure in surprising her with gifts from time to time; but to be constantly asked for money for clothes and cosmetics, or to run up huge telephone bills for chatting to friends and so on can cause even patient husbands to feel resentment. A Muslim is allowed to enjoy the good and lawful things of life, but in moderation. If he or she has surplus it is far better to give some of it away as sadaqah (charity) to others in need than to waste it on unnecessary things.
If a Muslim wife has a job or earns money from an investment or property, she has full rights over her income. However, if the husband is not well off it would be an act of charity for her to contribute something to family expenses in one way or another.
It is therefore advisable for husband and wife to discuss money matters from the start of their marriage so as to achieve mutual understanding.
In this respect they need to identify their priorities, high amongst which should be to reserve enough money for the best available broad education for their children, which the Prophet described as the best gift one could make to a child (Hadith from Tirmidhi.)

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