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A woman's beauty is a part of her sexual attraction. Dress and adornment may enhance that attraction or conceal it. Islam requires a husband and wife to be faithful to one another, and prescribes deterrent legal punishment for adultery. It is a part of wisdom therefore to wear clothes that conceal sexual attraction, so as not to encourage the very thing which Islam forbids.
On the other hand Islam does not regard sexual relations between spouses as sinful in themselves. On the contrary it encourages married partners to enjoy sexual relations with each other, since this will increase satisfaction in marriage and reduce the temptation to seek satisfaction outside marriage. Therefore the Muslim wife at home is expected to take care of her appearance and wear her beautiful clothes, jewellery and perfume so as to enhance her attraction to her husband.

Many women foolishly practice the reverse ¬they wear their most attractive clothes when they go out in order to be admired by strangers, while at home they go around in old clothes with untidy hair as if it no longer matters whether their husbands find them attractive or not.
The Prophet (SM) said that a woman may go out for her needs. Provided she is in hijab (modest Islamic dress) she may go out for any lawful purpose. A wife should however avoid roaming around aimlessly or mixing unnecessarily with men. She should tell her husband where she is going and have his consent. She should not put herself in a situation where she is alone with a man other than her husband or close relative (within the prohibited degrees of marriage). She should not allow into her house any man of whom her husband would not approve; nor should she visit such a person. There may also be some women of whom husband disapproves, with whom he may restrict his wife's friendship - because of her habits of spreading gossip or of interference in the family affairs, or of other harmful influence. A wife should where possible, avoid actions or situations which could give rise to gossip about her conduct, or jealousy of the husband, even if she has no bad intentions.
If the wife's public appearance and behaviour indicate that she is a faithful Muslim wife she will gain the respect of other men and avoid unwanted attention. If the husband is assured of his wife's true love and respect for him, he will be spared from jealousy and suspicion. All these principles of conduct contribute to the strength of the marriage and the success of family life.

Other aspects of Islamic family and social life which a wife should observe are respect for the husband's parents, hospitality and good neighbourly relationships, fostered by acts of kindness and care for their welfares.

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