How to win your wife's heart (Part-20)



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A man went to Ibrahim ibn  Adliani (Ra) and said: 'O Abu Ishaq (Ra) I transgress against myself (by committing sins). Inform me of a deterrent that will deliver my heart Ibrahim (Ra) said: 'If you accept five practices and remain steadfast on them, nothing will harm and no (sinful) pleasure will destroy you:
1. If you want to disobey Allah (SWT) , then do not eat from His provisions. How can you bite the hands that feed you?

2. If you want to disobey Allah (SWT) , then do not live in a place that He owns. How can you eat and live off someone you wish to disobey?
3. And if you (are such an ingrate) and still wish to disobey Him, then find a place where you can do so inconspicuously. How can you (have the audacity to) commit a sin when He is always Present in front of you?
4. When the Angel of Death arrives, ask him to delay taking your soul for a while so that you are able to make a sincere repentance and perform some good deeds for Allah (SWT) . The angel will not grant you your desire and will immediately dispatch your soul to the next world. How can you expect to escape?
5. When the angels of Hell come to escort you to Hell, dona't follow them. You will not be able to resist so how do you expect to save yourself

The man said: 'Enough, enough Ibrahim. I will make a  sincere repentance right now.' The man  did so and stayed with Ibrahim (Ra) until death separated them,19

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How to win your wife's heart - Ibraahim Ibn Saaleh al-Mahmud

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