Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-49)



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Rasulallah (SM) says that because this deed was more serious than the first one Nabi Musa (A) could not bear it

Musa (A) said: "This time once more forgive me for questioning. If after this I again fail to have patience there will be no excuse for me, then you and I must part.

Once again they went along, until they came to a village where the people were in a good position to accept them as guests. However in spite of them asking to be taken as guests, they refused. They left and on the one side of the village came upon a house where they found a wall in such a condition that it was about to fall down, Khidr used his hands and straightened the wall preventing it from falling down.

Nabi Musa (A) once again rebuked him: "We entered this village as travellers but the inhabitants refused to have us as guests and refused us to stay with them. Now you repaired the wall for one of their people without any payment. If you had to do it why could you not have agreed with them on a price so that we could use the price for our food and drink to drive of hunger and thirst."

Khidr (A) replied:
"Now is the time for you and me to part."
Then he began to explain to Musa (A) the three events, saying those three deeds were orders from Allah (SWT).

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