Hell-A Vision from within (Part-96)



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Is one who is obedient to Allah, prostrating himself or standing (in prayer) during the hours of the night, fearing the Hereafter and hoping for the Mercy of his Lord (like one who disbelieves)? Say: 'Are those who know equal to those who know not? "It is only men of understanding who will remember." (39: 9)
Narrated by Moslem And no friend will ask of a friend." (70: 10)

That Day shall a man flee from his brother, And from his mother and his father, And from his wife and his children. Everyman, that Day, will have enough to make him careless of others." (80: 34-37)

Their face will be covered, as it were with pieces from the darkness of night." (10: 27)

The Day when the Trumpet will be blown (the second blowing): that Day, We shall gather the criminals (sinners) Zurqa; (blue eyed with black faces.) In whispers will they speak to each other (saying): "You stayed not longer than ten (days.) We know very well what they will say, when the best among them in knowledge and wisdom will say: 'You stayed no longer than a day!' " (20: 102-104)

Fifty thousand years
Narrated by Emam Ahmed
Returned to Hell, and

The obligation he has to pay in Zakat, indicating his belief in Allah, His Almighty, and that whatever he gains in his life is a gift from his Creator, a gift that he has to thank, and be grateful for

His live stock will be even healthier than they were in life, and attack him for withholding the set amount of zakat for each, in a revenge

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