The Perfect Model for Humanity (Part-1)



In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Merciful
Great and sublime achievements can he manifest in different fields of human action, and so there are great figures in science and philosophy, in public service and generosity, in war, etc. But in whatever field, the greatness of such achievements is founded upon its generating raison d'etre, just as the strength of the trunk of a tree is founded upon the strength of its roots. And, accordingly, the value, importance and enduring quality of this greatness lie in the potency of its grounds.

We affirm that true greatness is based on many pillars and essentials, of which the most important are these four:
First, the psychological and moral qualities of the individual. Second, the nobility and worth of the fundamental values initiated by the individual, and upon which the individual's actions were based. Third, the extent of the realization of these fundamental values in actions by the individual. Fourth. the extent of the individual's success in forming a well-qualified leading generation to shoulder the responsibility for maintaining those fundamentals and continuing to put them into effect.

Certainly, greatness cannot be comprehensive nor full unless it contains all of these four elements. In the pages that follow, we shall show the greatness of our Prophet Muhammad, may peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him, in the light of these essential elements, depending for our demonstration on solid facts and historical evidence.

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The Perfect Model for Humanity - Mustafa Ahmad Al-Zarqa

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