Complaint Against Husband



Ali during the days of his Khilafat used to personally listen to the grievances and complaints of the
people. Once, the days were hot and people did not venture out of their houses after mid-day. Ali sat
everyday outside his house under the shade of a wall so that if someone had any complaints, could
lodge the same to him directly. Sometimes he walked in lanes and streets observing the general
condition of the people.
One day he returned to his residence tired and sweating, and found a woman waiting. Seeing him, she
came near and said:
"I am in trouble. My husband oppresses me. He has turned me out from the house and has threatened
to beat me. If I go to him he will beat me. I request you to do justice between us"
"O Servant of Allah, it is too hot now. Wait till it cools down in the afternoon. Then I shall come with you
and redress your grievances" "If I stay out too long, I am afraid it may increase his anger:"
For a moment he bowed his head and then raised it up saying to himself, "No, By God, justice; to the
oppressed should not be delayed. The right of the oppressed should certainly be taken from the
oppressor; and every fear should be taken out from her heart so that she may stand boldly before the
oppressor and demand her right'."
"Tell me where is your house?" "It is in such and such place." "Let us go."
He accompanied her to her house, stood at the door and called loudly, "O Master of the house! Peace
be upon thee."
A young man came out. He was her husband. He did not recognize Ali. He found that an old man of
about sixty years had accompanied her and assumed that she had brought him for support and
mediation; but he kept silent.
"This lady has a complaint against you. She says that you have oppressed her and have ousted her from
the house. Besides you have threatened to beat her. I have come here to tell you to fear Allah and be
kind to your wife."
"In what way does it concern you if I have not treated my wife well? Yes, I had threatened to beat her,
but now, since she has brought you to plead for her, I shall throw her into fire and burn her alive."
Ali was disturbed by the impudence of the man. Drawing out his sword he said, "I am only advising you
to do good and admonishing you from bad deeds; but you are replying me in such manner clearly saying
to burn this woman in fire. Do you think there is no authority in this world?"
His loud voice drew the attention of the passersby, and a huge crowd gathered. Whoever came bowed
down with reverence before the old man and saluted him by saying "Peace be on you O Commander of
the Faithful"
When the rude young man realized as to whom he was talking with, he trembled and supplicated, "O
Ameerul Moumineen! Forgive me. I confess my faults and promise that henceforth I shall obey my wife."
Ali turned to the woman and told her to go in the house and cautioned her not to behave in such a
manner that her husband had to be angry again.

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