The Gift (Part-60)



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"Thank you for coming again, Syakirah", Saleha said.
"Don't mention it. Alhamdulillah, I'm glad you're better today", Syakirah told Saleha.
"Yes, Alhamdulillah. She sure is. The doctor said we could leave now. You came just on time. A little later, you would have missed us", Ani joined in.

"Well, I'm glad you've been released", Syakirah said smilingly at both ladies. "I could give you a ride to your hotel...or are you two leaving for Johor now?", Syakirah asked.

"No, we're going back to the hotel first. The flight is at 4.30 p.m.", Saleha explained to Syakirah and thanked her for her offer. At 12.30, they all left the hospital. Syakirah drove them to the hotel. Saleha invited her for lunch at the hotel and Syakirah agreed.

"I guess I can. My class is at 2.00 pm.", Syakirah told them.
As they were eating, Syakirah asked Saleha, "Does Imran know about this emergency stay?".
"No, I called and told him that Ani had some more errands to do and we'd be back later today", Saleha explained. "And Syakirah, about what Ani told you...".

"It's okay", Syakirah interrupted Saleha. "I understand. I hope everything will work out fine with your son, InshaAllah. And, InshaAllah your secret is safe with me". With that she changed the subject.

Imran noticed his mother seemed different after coming back from Kuala Lumpur. He caught her lost in thought several times. Every time he asked, Saleha would dismiss it with believable excuses. Now he was worried. He asked Ani but Ani told him not to worry. She said Saleha must have missed Hidayat. He could tell his mother was not happy about something.

After a few days at home, Saleha was sick again. Imran brought her to the clinic and the doctor said she had a fever. Ani was getting more worried. She was thinking of telling Imran but every time she voiced her suggestion, Saleha asked her to wait. She said not until Imran made up his mind about his future. Ani contacted Syakirah personally.

"Syakirah, I'm sorry to call you about this again. I'm so worried about her."
Syakirah was silent for a while. "I don't know what to say really. I would just tell Imran, if I were you, but then that may not help much either. What she needs is to learn to accept what is happening. I'm sorry to say this, Aunt Ani. I'd do anything to help, In sha Allah. I know she doesn't have much time left. But I don't know how to help."

"I think I have one way to make her happy for her remaining life but I need your help", Ani began.
"Like I said I'd help in any way I could, In sha Allah", Syakirah reassured the elder woman.
"I want to make her dream come true, In sha Allah", Ani said.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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