The Gift (Part-63)



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"I know. But this is the woman my mother wanted me to meet and hoped for me to pursue a relationship with. That makes her different."

"I still don't get where you're going with this, Imran. You're saying that she reminded you of Kaira and so you told your mother you can't accept her. But Imran, this doesn't explain why you went to see her again?", Umar said.

"May be I should tell you what exactly happened at Hillview because I think seeing her with the hijab kind of triggered this ....whatever I don't know what to call it", Imran told Umar.

"Oh, now you're talking. No wonder there were holes in the about some missing puzzles, huh...", Umar responded laughingly.

Imran told Umar what went on between him and Syakirah at Hillview and the invitation at Dr. Norman's house.

"Now I get a better picture of Syakirah. She doesn't seem like an easy person to be toyed around. So, why would she agree to meet you guys?", Umar asked Imran.

"See, now you understand why I had to ask her that", Imran answered.
"Okay, may be she had her own reason. But why is that any of your business? As far as I can see, your mission was accomplished. No one is pressuring you into anything with her anymore". Umar had a puzzled look on his face.

"That's right. And she said she did it for my mother though I don't understand why she'd want to do something like that for a woman she hardly knew", Imran said.

"So, there really is nothing else to bother about her, right? Or is there?, Umar asked.
"I don't know. When I first saw her, it was like she immediately annoyed me. May be not herself personally, but somehow…seeing someone who has that similarity to Kaira? Come on, Umar, does my mother really think the only woman I could have a relationship with is someone who identifies with Kaira in some ways?", Imran answered ending with a question.

Umar looked at Imran straight in the eyes while squinting his eyebrows.
"No. So, let's end the discussion about Syakirah, okay?", Umar suggested guessing that his friend still did not have the answer to the question he thought he had the answer to.

Imran nodded in agreement. But Umar had a question in his mind.
"But what if your mother purposely did that? Why is it such a big deal to you?", Umar asked.

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