Hazrat Shamweel (A) (Part-4)



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The Bravery of Hazrat Dawud (A)
The army of Bani Israel under the general ship of Hazrat Taaloot stood ready in battle lines against Jaaloot. Among them was a young man named Daawood (A). He entangled Jaaloot in combat and showed great courage as he managed to kill the giant Jaaloot. The Qur'an states:

"By Allah's will they, (the Israelites) routed them (the philistines) and his forces and Dawud killed Jaaloot." (2:251)

In this battle Banu Israel was successful arid during this time Nabi Shamweel (A) passed away.

Lessons and Warnings
1. The passion for freedom and for the protection of one's rights are feelings that first are awakened in the prominent ones among nations and from there it  spreads gradually to the ordinary members. Thenation among whom those prominent ones are most in number these passions tend to be strongest and most widespread.

2. Islam clarifies this point that sovereignty and leadership is not dependent upon wealth and riches, nor on off spring or lineage, but knowledge and strength are such qualities which could be made  criteria, because truth and justice, proper planning and correct opinion which are prominent conditions for government and rule are created by wealth, lineage and off spring. For a proper ruler it is required that he should be "abundantly endowed with knowledge and with bodily prowess." 

3. When truth and false hood meet in battle and on the side of truth we find sincere ones with passions of sacrifice in them standing up to defend the side of truth and inside them there is self-relihnce and dependence on Allah, then the criterion for success does not lie in the numbers of fighters on both sides The majority becomes overwhelmed by the minority and the minority will end the battle as victorious.

Then came a time when among Bani Israel there was no Nabi and no Rasul (SM) . Neither did they have a single King. Because of this various of the neighbouring nations took the chance to attack them. In this manner a Palestinian nation from the area of Ghazza attacked them and Bani Israel were defeated to such an extent that they were force to give up the Taaboot' a box in which there were the original copy of the Torah and certain relies which originally belonged to Nabi Musa (A) and Nabi Haroon (A) 

At such a time Allah appointed one of the Qadis as a Nabi for the guidance of Bani Israel. Historians say Shamweel was a member of the off spring of Nabi Haroon (A). The Nabi to Whom reference is made in Surah Baqarah in the 32nd Ruku is this Nabi Shamweel (A).

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