Miracles of the Qur'an (Part-9)



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laws of aerodynamics in the most perfect manner. The use of the word"musakhkharatin" (suspended) in the verse to describe bird flight is an exceedingly specific choice of language, because it suggests that they havebeen "encouraged to a specific end, have had to do something, have submitted or bowed their heads, have bound themselves to Allah (SWT)  or havesubmitted to His laws". This is the implication contained in the word itself. In that way, the verse may be indicating the manner in which aerodynamic laws have a determining influence on bird flight. (Allah (SWT) knowsthe truth.)

At first sight, there would appear to be nothing to make it difficultfor birds to fly. But according to thelaws of aerodynamics, any object flying in the air is subject to various different forces. The best-known ofthese are gravity, propulsion, dragand lift. In order for any meaningfulflight to take place, these forces haveto be balanced perfectly. The slightestimbalance in a bird would cause it tocome crashing down to earth each time it tried to fly. For example, if gravity is stronger than the other forces,the bird will fall to earth. That is why the word in the verse is the best possible expression of the situation which we are examining here. The presence in the Qur'an of expressions containing such information at a time when no science of aerodynamics or mechanics existed, once again, reveals that the Qur'an is a divine text.

In addition to the aerodynamic perfection in bird flight, scientists arealso researching the migration patterns of thousands of kilometers thatthey make. Ornithologists have today concluded that these are literally programmed in them. The way that young birds are able to undertake longand arduous journeys with no guide or previous experience is the most obvious example of this. The Arabic word "musakhkharatin" in the versequoted above implies "being encouraged toward a specific target, beingtaken under command, being taken under submission," clearly revealingthat birds obey the instructions they are given when following the directions set out for them. There is no possibility of birds, which are devoid ofintellect and consciousness, managing to make their own calculations asthey fly. Scientists today are in agreement that these extraordinary abilitiesin birds are "pre-programmed" in them. This is set out in an article in the journal Science:

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Miracles of the Qur'an - Harun Yahya

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