Miracles of the Qur'an (Part-17)



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When the Heaven shall be cleft asunder, and become rose red,like stained leather. (Sura ar-Rahman, 37)

The Arabic expression translated above as "become rose red, likestained leather"is "wardatan kaalddihani."This term compares an image appearing in the sky to a red rose. This description bears a close similarity to red celestial bodies with a crumpled appearance, especially the"Rosette Nebula."

Nebula is the name given to cloud-like masses of gas in space.
Before they become nebulae, they are stars - and since these stars arevery large, they release gasses into space because of their high internalpressure and temperatures. These eruptions of gas are very large andfast. These gasses then coalesce to form a gas cloud, with a temperatureof more than 15,000 0C.32

One type of nebula is known as the "Rosette Nebula" because of itsclose resemblance to a rose. The Rosette Nebula is also a vast cloud of gasand seems to have an area five times greater than that of the full moon.33Its true diameter is estimated at 130 light years.34

A team led by Leisa Townsley, a senior Penn State University researcher in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, examined the RosetteNebula using the renowned Chandra X-ray telescope. They imaged hundreds of stars in the Rosette Nebula and determined that bycrashing into one another, stars produce gas at temperatures of six milliondegrees. Townsley describes what she saw:

A ghostly glow of diffuse X ray emission pervades the RosetteNebula and perhaps many other star-forming regions throughoutthe Galaxy. We now have a new view of the engine lighting the beautiful Rosette Nebula and new evidence for how the interstellar medium may be energized.35

The existence of this body seen in the illustrations can only be confirmed by high-tech observation equipment. This state of affairs regarding the skies noted in the Qur'an is in great agreement with the findingsof present-day astronomy. In one verse of the Qur'an, we are told:

You do not engage in any matter or recite any of the Qur'an or doany action without Our witnessing you while you are occupiedwith it. Not even the smallest speck eludes your Lord, either onearth or in heaven. Nor is there anything smaller than that, orlarger, which is not in a Clear Book.(Surah Yunus, 61)

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Miracles of the Qur'an - Harun Yahya

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