Hazrat Sulaiman (A) (Part-2)



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Understanding the Speech of Birds

The Qur'an states:
"And Sulaiman was Dawud's heir. He said: "O People, we have been taught the speech of birds and on us has been besowed (a little) of all things. This is indeed Grace manifest (from Allah.) (26:16)

From the manner in which the Qur'an mentions the gift it appears Naml that this was no ordinary gift. It was something that too could be called a Mou'jizah a miracle as it something above and beyond normal natural abilties and in solely a gift from Allah which may be mentioned as one of Allah's special signs which is granted to His special chosen ones.

Sulaiman (A) Control over the Wind
Regarding this the Qur'an states:
"And to Sulaiman We made the wind obedient. Its early morning stride was a months journey And its evening stride was a months journey." (34:12)

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