The Prophet(SM) and the Bedouin Father



As you know, the Prophet Muhammad(SM) always enjoyed the company of children. One day, he was sitting with a crowd of them, talking to them. Every now and then, he patted some of them on the head and kissed them.

The children were delighted at the love, which the Prophet (SM) bestowed on them. The youngest children were especially pleased because they knew that whenever the Prophet (SM)  got the season's new fruit, he usually gave it to the youngest.

Suddenly, a Bedouin appeared close by. He stood watching the Prophet (SM)  surrounded by happy, laughing children. It was the son of scene that makes most people smile and feel happy. But the Bedouin was not smiling. He was not at all happy; and when he spoke, the Prophet(SM) discovered why. 

"I have ten children; 1 the Bedouin said, "but I have never kissed any of them."

This was a terrible thing. The Prophet (SM)  felt great sorrow for the unfortunate Bedouin, To have ten children, ten gifts from Allah (SWT) and not love them was very sad indeed, Loving and caring for dear ones is a blessing from Allah (SWT) and the Bedouin did not know that blessing.

The Prophet (SM)  wanted to help the man but he knew there was a great obstacle in the way.

"How can I help you" the Prophet (SM) said, "if Allah (SWT) has taken away all the love an J kindness from your heart?"

At this the Bedouin felt even sadder for to receive help and advice from the Prophet (SM) was a wonderful thing that he could not receive, But on reflection he also realized that he could become kind and loving. Then he would deserve getting help from the Prophet and more so from Allah (SWT)

Sahih BMan, Kitabid Adah, Hadith no. 5997

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