Once, a young man lost his ring. So he set out to search for it under the street light.
Others came to help and joined him in his search.
Finally when asked if he was certain he had dropped it in this spot, he said,
"No, I lost it there," and pointed to his house.
The others asked incredulously:
"Then why are you looking for it here?"
Young man said, while trying to look clever:
"Because it is dark where I lost it, and it is light out here!"
One of the persons that joined him in search exclaimed: “If your ring is not here then why are you trying to find it here. Go and find it where it really is”.
A sheikh looking at all this activity addressed the crowd and said:
“Our success lies in the hereafter. It is not in the worldly matters where you are searching it. Focus yourself on the here-after! That is where you can find it. Otherwise, you will spend your lives searching for it in dunya and leave empty handed!”

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