Hazrat Yunus (A) (Part-4)



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The Jew immediately proceeded to the presence of Rasulullah (SM) to lay a complaint, saying: "O Abul Qasim, when there is an agreement between us and you, how is it that this Muslim has smacked me?"

Rasulullah (SM) then asked the Ansari to explain the reason for the smack and as the Ansari told the story the face of Rasulullah (SM) became red with anger.

He said: "Do not grant excellence to some prophets (SM) over others, because on the day of Qiyaamat when the first bugle shall be blown, every one on earth will become unconscious except those whom Allah will exempt. Then the bugle will be blown a second time and all will began consciousness. The first to wake up will be I. Then I will see Musa (A) standing near the Throne of Allah (SWT). I cannot say whether be woke up before me or whether he was saved from becoming unconscious. And I cannot even say that any prophet is more excellent than Yunus bin Mataa."

In these Hadith Yunus is personally mentioned. In the second Hadith it is said: "Do not grant excellence to some prophets over others. This shows outwardly there should be no higher rank for some over others. What is the truth of this statement and its reality?

By way of clarification we quote another verse from the Qur'an Allah (SWT) says: "Those Messengers we endowed with gifts some above others." This shown that Allah (SWT) has created ranks among the prophets (SM) and messenger, some above others and some enjoy virtues above others.

Rasulullah (SM) is reported to have said: "lam the pride of the children of Adam (A) . (And I say this) with out boasting."

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