The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands (Part-25)



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Anas ibn Malik (SM) narrated the following hadith:
The Prophet (SM) came to Khaybar and conquered the fortified town after gaining victory in the battle, by breaking down the enemy’s defences. There, the beauty of Safiyah bint Huyay (Ra) was mentioned to him. Her husband had been killed (in that battle), and she was still a bride. The Prophet (SM) chose her for himself, and set out with her until they reached Sadd ar-Rawha, where her menses ended, and he then married her. Hais (a kind of meal) was prepared and served on a small leather sheet The Prophet (SM) then said to me: Inform the others (about the wedding banquet).

This was the wedding banquet given by the Prophet (SM) upon his marriage with Safiyah (Ra). Thereafter, we proceeded to Madinah, and I would see him covering her with his cloak, while she walked behind him. He would also kneel beside his camel, in order to let Safiyah (Ra) put her feet on his knees and climb on to the camel.47

In the first of the above two hadiths, notice how the Prophet (SM) came out of the mosque to see his wife home, even though he was in seclusion for the purpose of worship. On the part of the Prophet (SM), this action shows that he had a great deal of respect and honour for his wife. He could easily have ended it by saying, “Go back home,” but he did not do so; instead, through his good manners he tried to teach husbands how they should behave with their wives. We can appreciate this even more, if we know that all of the Prophet’s wives lived in his house, except Safiyah. The Prophet (SM) had rented ‘Usamah’s house for her, because he (SM) had married her much later and there was no place in his own home where he could house her.

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The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands - Dr. Ghazi al-Shammari

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