The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands (Part-32)



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When the divine inspiration was delayed, Allah's Messenger (SM) called 'Ali ibn Abi Talib and Usamah ibn Zayd to seek their advice. ‘Usamah ibn Zayd talked about what he knew of my innocence, and the respect he preserved in himself for me. ‘Usamah said: O Messenger of Allah! She is your wife and we do not know anything except good about her. ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (Ra) said: O Messenger of Allah! Allah does not put you in difficulty; there are plenty of women other than her. However, ask the maidservant, who can tell you the truth. So Allah’s Messenger (SM) called Bareerah (the maidservant) and said: Bareerah, did you ever see anything about ‘A’ishah that may have aroused your suspicion? Bareerah replied: By Him Who has sent you with the Truth, I have never seen anything in her for which I might blame her, except that she is a very young girl who falls asleep whilst her family’s dough lies uncovered, and the domestic goats come and eat it.

Hence, the Messenger of Allah (SWT) ascended the pulpit and complained about 'Abdullah ibn Ubay (ibn Salool) in front of his Companions. He said: O community of Muslims! Who will relieve me from the pain which that man has inflicted upon me, by saying such an evil thing about my family? By Allah, I have known nothing but good from my family and they have blamed a man about whom I have known nothing except good. He would never enter my home except in my company. Sa‘d ibn Mu‘adh got up and said: O Messenger of Allah! I will relieve you from him. If he is from the tribe of Al-Aws, I will chop his head off, and if he is from our tribe of Al-Khazraj, then give us your command, and we will fulfil it. Upon this, a man from Al-Khazraj got up. He was Sa‘d ibn ‘Ubadah, chief of Al-Khazraj. He was a pious man, but his love for his tribe goaded him into saying to Sa‘d (ibn Mu‘adh): By Allah, you have told a lie; you shall not and cannot kill him. If he belonged to your people, you would not wish him to be killed.

Upon this, Usayd ibn Hudayr, who was the cousin of Sa'd (ibn Mu‘adh) got up and said to Sa‘d ibn ‘Ubadah: By Allah! You are a liar! We will surely kill him, and you are a hypocrite arguing on the behalf of hypocrites. On this, the two tribes of Al-Aws and A1Khazraj got so excited that they were about to start fighting, whilst the Prophet fig) was still standing on the pulpit. Allah’s Messenger (SM) quieted them down until they became silent, and he was silent, too.

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The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands - Dr. Ghazi al-Shammari

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