The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands (Part-41)



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As for our Prophet (SM), we have seen that his plural marriages were a means of spreading the message of Islam. He did not marry these women to fulfil his sexual desires; if this were true, why did Allah then forbid him from divorcing any of them or to marry other women? If he wanted to just follow his own whims and desires, why did he not marry anyone other than Khadeejah (Ra) before Islam? Moreover, he spent almost all his youth with her, as we know that he was married to her for twenty-five years.12 Furthermore, none of the women he married was a virgin, except ‘A’ishah (Ra) , and in spite of this, the Prophet (SM) was a loyal and faithful husband to all of them.

Apart from this, his duty of spreading the message of Islam required him to have strong conjugal ties with persons of authority in the tribes of his region. This is why he married into families from the Quraysh tribe, as well as other tribes of significance, like those of the Jews. Another reason for marrying so many women was to teach the Ummah how to treat Women, and in this way, the Prophet (SM) became the best of mentors (in marital affairs), through his words and actions.

The Prophet (SM) gave the severest warning for a person who had more than one wife and did not treat them equally, for he said: He who had two wives and was inclined towards one of them, (ignoring) the other one, will be (raised on the Day of Judgment) with one half of his body missing.13

It has been narrated that some of the pious predecessors in Islamic history were so cautious about this, that if they had two wives, they would try to treat them equally with regards to kisses too, in fact some of them would perfume themselves alternately between the two wives’ houses. Ibn Seereen mentions that he did not even like to perform his ablutions in the house of one wife, and not in the other wife’s, (because the latter may feel unjustly treated). Such a perfect sense of equality is what Allah loves.

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The Prophet Mohammad (SM) The Best of All Husbands - Dr. Ghazi al-Shammari

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