The letters of the prophet Muhammad (SM) (Part-7)



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5. A Letter to Mundhir bin Sawa, Governor of Bahrain
The Prophet (SM), despatched 'Al-'Ala' bin Al-Hadrami to the governor of Bahrain, carrying a letter inviting him to embrace Islam. In reply, Al-Mundhir bin Sawa wrote the following letter:

"Allah's Messenger (SM)! I received your injunctions. Prior to this, I read your letter, which you wrote to the people of Bahrain extending to them an invitation to Islam. Islam appealed to some of them and they entered the fold of Islam, while others did not find it appealing. In my country, there live Magians and Jews, and therefore you may inform me of the treatment to be extended to them."

The Prophet (SM) wrote the following letter in reply to his:

"In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
From Muhammad, Messenger of Allah to Mundhir bin Sawa.
Peace be on you! I praise Allah with no associate, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.

Thereafter, I remind you of Allah, the Mighty, the Glorious. Whoever accepts admonition, does it for his own good. Whoever follows my messengers and acts in accordance with their guidance, he, in fact, accepts my advice.

My messengers have highly praised your behaviour. You shall continue in your present office. Give the new Muslims full chance to preach their religion. I accept your recommendation regarding the people of Bahrain, and I pardon the offences of the offenders; therefore, you may also forgive them. Of the people of Bahrain whoever wants to go on in their Jewish or Magian faith, should be made to pay Jizya (poll-tax)." [Za'd Al-Ma'ad 3/61,62]

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