Mahmood's Adventure



It was during the last week of January when Mahmood and his friends went out camping in the mountains by a lake. As it was Allah (SWT) will, it happened that the friends arrived on an island at the very center of a frozen lake because the car broke down and they could do nothing but stay on the island. A few days later, the lake showed signs of thawing and the friends hurried across the lake, taking whatever they could with them. Unfortunately, during the same time period, Mahmood had gone to explore and was far away from them when his friends were making their escape. When Mahmood came back, he saw most of the stuff gone and no one around. Most of the lake had now melted and Mahmood was trapped.

The island, as Mahmood estimated was about 2 miles long and 1 mile wide. It was full of greenery and had much of the sights of a forest. Mahmood was able to identify many of the plants because of his previous camping experiences. The lake on the other hand, was too cold and wide to cross by swimming. Many attempts to swim across it failed and so Mahmood had to accept the idea that he would have to wait until somebody rescued him or until the lake got a little bit warmer. He knew he was marooned and alone on the island.

As the days passed, Mahmood kept on remembering his parents, brothers, and sisters. He slept in his sleeping bag that he had brought with him for camping. He lived on many fruits he recognised as safe ones. One day, a s Mahmood had feared, a great python appeared,

This is not going to be any regular fight, Mahmood thought tohimself. The python, even though this one was extraordinarily deadly andthe center of terror among the animal inhabitants of the island, retreatedback a little. Never had it seen a thing so big It was afraid. Mahmood hadgathered many rocks and now hurled them with all his might on thepython. The python couldn't dodge these missiles and one by one therocks began tearing up its body- The snake, nevertheless, tried to make itsway forward, only to be killed. Mahmood hurled the last, heavy rock onthe snake, splitting the snake's head into two and breaking up into tinypieces on the rocks below the python's head. The python was dead.

Mahmood had a few more skirmishes of the like with a few moreanimals and began feeling more confident about living alone with theanimals of prey all around him. He was now learning the true meaning ofcourage.

Summer was coming up fast. Mahmood had hoped that someone might come boating on the lake and rescue him, Mah mood's hope was fulfilled later than he had expected, He waited past June, July, and then even August, Maybe this is not a public lake, he figured out. Finally in thethird week of September, a few boaters appeared. Mahmood waved tothem. They came to the island and picked him up. He w r as free at last! Hehad stayed on the island for 7 months. Mahmood stayed with the boatersduring their vacation. When the boaters decided to go home, theydropped Mahmood off because he lived close to where they lived.

As Mahmood walked up to the door of his house, he wanderedwhat his family would say to him. His parents were the first to meet him.His mother couldn't believe her eyes and asked him,"Where were you? 1 And his father asked,"What had happened?" Mahmood told his family what hadhappened. They couldn't believe how he had killed the snake. They werevery proud of him. As for Mahmood, he became more courageous afterthat adventurous stay on the island. He also learned how to handle anysituation when he was alone. It was the best adventure of his life.

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