Jhul Karnain (Part-7)



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Therefore Khurus used iron and copper to build a gate across the pass, closing it up. He also erected a metal wall, the rains and remnants are still existing up till today.  

Thus both Herodolus and Zenbofon, two Greek historians state that Khorus after conquering Lydia proceeded to make preparation to stop the continues attacks of the Scythians.  

This is also a fact which will you become quite clear soon that during the time of Khorus the tribes of Yajooj and Majooj were two Scythian tribes who used to cause their neighbours great harassment and destruction.   

The Conquest of Babilon
Now when the conquests of Khorus had become quite undespread that it strotched from the furtherst west of Iran to the sea and up to the Black Sea and up to the shore of the Aegrian Sea and in the furthest East up to makran or rather up to the Sindh River. In the north his territory stretched up to the Caucasion mountain Ranges. Now he turned his attention to the well-known civilized city and the might of Babilon. The history of this expeditions is also noted in history.  

About fifty years before Khorus, Bakhat Nasr was at the head of the government of Babilon. According to the beliefs ol that time he was not only a king but among the idols worshipped by the people of Babilon, he was the greatest god and as such he had the right among them to do what he wished with all other governments. He could punish any people in any terrible way that he saw fit. If he wished to destroy them or exile them he could do so, and subject them to the most terrible or savage treatment. For this reasons his harsh treatment of the subject nations in subjugating them was so bad as we have seen in previous lines. During his time he thrice attacked Jerusalem and destroyed Palestine and carried the inhabitants off as slaves to Babilon like animals. A Jewish historian josephas writes:

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