MAJOR SINS (Part-17)



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take care of those Prayers where (and when) he is summoned for them. This is necessary as Allah (SWT) has laid down some practices and rules for us to follow (which have reached us) through our Prophet (SM) and these Prayers are among them. If you offer Prayers at your houses as this good for nothing person is doing, you will be guilty of neglecting the way of your Prophet (SM) then you go astray. I have seen the people in condition when only known hypocrites used to be out of the lines of congregation. Some of us used to be brought to the mosque with the help of two men on account of their weakness or illness, until they could stand in line."1

Ar-Rabie Ibn Khutham had a disease in his leg. He used to go out for Prayer leaning on two men. They advised him, "O father of Muhammed, Allah (SWT) has permitted you to pray at home as you have a legal excuse." He said, "Ok, but I hear the call to Prayer. Whoever could answer even if he creeps or crawl,it is better to do so."

Hatim AI-Asam said, "One day, I missed a Prayer in congregation but no one lead me except Abu Ishaq AI-Bukhari. However, if one of my children died, there would be ten thousand people who offer me condolence. This is because a trial in religion is easier than a one at the sight of people.

Someone of early Muslims said, a congregational Prayer is missed because of sins. Ibn 'Umar narrated, "Once Umar was in his garden, when coming back, he found that the people had performed the Asr Prayer. Thereby, he said, "We will surely return to Allah (SWT)! I missed the Asr Prayer in congregation. May you witness that I gave my garden in charity to the needy so as to expiate what 'Umar had done."

It is recommended to pay more attention to 'Isha' and Fajr. The Prophet (SM) said, "The hypocrites find dawn (Fajr) and night (Isha') Prayers in congregation as very oppressive. If they could know the virtues of these two Prayers, they would certainly join them, even if they had to go crawling."2

Ibn 'Umar said, "When missing a man in the congregational Prayer of Isha and Fajr, we might think that he was a hypocrite."

'Ubaydallah (SWT) Ibn Amr Al-Qawarir said, "I have never missed Isha Prayer in congregation. One night I had a grief which occupied me from performing the' Isha' Prayer in congregation. Thereby, I sought for another mosque allover AI-Basra to realize the Prayer but of no avail all the mosques were closed. Then I went home and decided to apply what is stated in the hadith,

"Recompense for Prayer offered along with the congregation is twenty seven times more than the Prayer offered in home or."3

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MAJOR SINS - Imam Shamsu ed-Deen Dhahabi

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