Sacrifices of a Noble Lady



Hazrat Khansa (Ra) was an eminent poetess in Arabia- Prophet Muhammad (SM) has also praised her poetry.Hazrat Khansa (Ra) had immense love for her relatives and well wishers.In fact,she reserved special affection for her brother,Sakhar,Modestly speaking,he was an extremely valiant,intelligent and a generous person.He alio loved his sister a lot. Before Hazrat Khansa (Ra) embraced Islam,her father married her off to a man who turned out to be a spendthrift later on. He spent all the items of his house to cater to his wasteful nature.On this occasion, her brother helped her and gave away the better half of his wealth to his sister. In this way, her brother assisted her financially while she was in trouble. Friends, which sister would not bear affection towards such an adorable and helping brother?

During one of the battles, her brother, Sakhar got terribly injured, A spearhead pierced his body and his lungs popped out of his body, Hazrat Khansa (Ra) was full of grief. She attended and looked after her brother for a whole year.Yet he passed away. Hazrat Khansa (Ra) became extremely grief-stricken- Thereafter,she embraced Islam.

On. nother occasion, while the Persians were leading a tough battle against the Arabs, Hazrat Khansa (Ra) participated in the battle along with her four sons. She urged her sons to sacrifice their lives for the cause of Allah (SWT) .She told them that the life in Akhirah is a stable life as

compared to the temporary' phase of life in this world. She recited the following verses:

"G you who believe, be patient compete with each other in patience, and guard your frontiers, and fear Allah, so that you may be sucessfuL"(Al-Imran: 200)

All of her sons lost their lives. Hazrat Khansa (Ra) felt relieved and contented. She said: "I thank Allah (SWT)? for He has blessed me with the sacrifice of my sons."

This should not sound amazing because anyone who embraces Islam,his her life undergoes a drastic transformation. And a courageous woman like Khansa (Ra) could only have increased in her valour after becoming a Muslimah,

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