The Gift (Part-90)



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"You know, she even bought the two of you a gift. It's somewhere in her room at home. She wanted to present it to the two of you when you come to JB". Syakirah was crying again.

As they reached the house in JB, families and relatives were waiting. The wedding celebration turned into a funeral ceremony. Iskandar was helped by the older relatives to get everything ready for the burial. Imran was glad that his brother managed well. Iskandar noticed Imran looked exhausted. Imran did not sleep a wink at the hospital. He spent the whole night praying and reading the Quran. Hidayat who was with him had fallen asleep.

When the body was attended and prayed, they left for the burial. Syakirah walked with Hanim to accompany her sister-in-law at the cemetary. For the first time since knowing the family, Syakirah witnessed how attached Saleha's children were with each other. The bond between them was obvious. Their relatives were nice to them but the four siblings seemed to cling to each other more for support. It was as if the bond they shared was enough to get the strength to face the loss of their beloved mother. It was almost 11.30 a.m when the burial was completed. Imran agreed with the elder relatives to hold a tahlil on that night.

Hanim showed Syakirah Imran's room-their wedding room. As she entered the room, she felt touched and felt the presence of her late mother-in-law. Everything in the room had a feminine touch. All in pastel reflected the personality of the person who decorated the room - Saleha. Later, Ani came to join them.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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