Consistency Sees Success



Once upon a time there was a village in Iran. The farmers had a lot of problems because a hill separated the farms from the market. They had to roil a lot to reach the market.

Due to this they all suite red. One tiny a daring young farmer, Diwan, declared, "We must build a road over this hill. Then it will he easy for us to go to the market to buy and sell." But the other farmers said, Ton must be crazy. Who can make a road over a huge hill like this: I it will he years and many people will lose lives."

But Diwan was determined. He thought that even if it takes a hundred years he will try to do it, because may be the coming generation will have little problems if he is successful.
So, one day when the other farmers woke up and went to their fields, Diwan was trying to make a road with chisel, hammer and rope.

All the other farmers laughed at him and said, "Diwan has gone Diwana (crazy)' But he did not listen. All he thought was that if he were successful people would benefit from his services.

And so after 10 years of hard work day and night he finally did make a road on the hill The road was smooth and led straight to the market.

All people who had at first made fun of him were all praise. They were sorry for all the mocking they did. Diwan said,

'it is all right. No hard feelings. Now that we have a road everybody will have easy access to the market. We will he able to buy and sell things quickly, and everyone will have better profit. All 1 want to say is, "Work consistently and surely you will succeed."

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