Hazrat Esa (A) (Part-11)



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Among all peoples there exists such healers, at whose hands and through whose efforts people who have reached the end of their hope for cure from some diseases a cure for their ills. And so also there was no shortage of such men of philosophy and physics who were experts on the relationship  between body and soul. But when Nabi Esa (A) without any such means started to exhibit these miracles without any means it had a different effect upon various peoples according to their faith and lack of faith. Those who were searches after truth, admitted that those acts were outside the powers of the ordinary man but were in fact a gift to the Nabi from Allah (SWT) in order to support him and as a proof of him being an emissary from Allah (SWT). Those, in whose hearts were arrogance, hatred and jealousy, their prejudice allowed them to exclaim that.  

"This is but open sorcery." (37:15)

The Mufassireen of the Qur'an explain to us regarding the four miracles mentioned above that when the opponents of Nabi Esa (A) rejected him and his call towards guidance and declared his miracles to be sorcery, then by way of mocking him they used to say: "If you are really the Messenger of Allah, then tell us what we have eaten today and what have we left behind." Thereupon Esa (A) answered them seriously telling them what they ate and what was kept  in their homes.  

The manner in which the Qur’an mentions this last miraculous deed and if one ponders over it one comes to know that there is another more deeper meaning in it. That is that Nabi Esa (A) spent much time and effort in advising  his people to shun worldly possessions and live an ascetic life-style without love for this world. These who accepted his message used to follow this advice while others on the  other side used to pretend to do so and hypocritically used   o gather and store worldly goods. By means of this miraclehe was able to uncover this hypocrisy on their part.

Apart from these four miracles, the fact that Nabi Esa (A) himself was bom without a father was in itself a great sign and miracles from Allah (SWT) as has already been explained. However whatever miracles took place at his hands and his immaculate birth was rejected and denied by the Jews out of jealousy. But even today some scientifically minded persons in Islam also deny these things. Some of them do so not of their own accord but after having come under the influence of European athersto and so that they may not be accused of being religiously influenced and prejudiced. Similarly as far as the giving of life to the dead they contend that before Qiyamat Allah (SWT) will not give life to any dead ones. However the truth of giving life to the dead is no new thing because there were many occasions in the texts where Allah (SWT) indeed gave life to the dead. (See 2:73, 259 and 260) In all these verses there is a clear mention of giving life to the dead on various occasions. And so also there are those who deny. Esa (A) being bom without a father and they have spent much energy to deny this in their writings. However in spite of the various views on this issue if one looks at all the textual evidences in the Qur'an in an impartial way one comes to the conclusion that apart from the over zealous attitudes and excesses of the Christians and the attitude of deficiency of the Jews, the Qur’an wants to stress the story of the immaculate birth of Jesus. The Jews and the Christians chose two apposite viewpoints on this issue.

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