"He is not one of us who is not affectionate to the little ones, and does nor respect the old; and he is nor of us, who does not enjoin that which is lawful, and prohibits chat which is unlawful'

Tirmidhi, Kitab-ui-Birr Hadith No: 1944

"Whoever is kind, Allah (SWT) will be kind to him; therefore he kind to man on the earth. I le Who is in heaven will show mercy on you"

(Abu-Daud, Kitab-ul-Adab, Hadith No: 4920)

"Once a man who was passing through a road, found a branch of a tree with thorns, obstructing the road. The man removed the thorns from the way. Allah (SWT) accepted that from him and forgave his sins."
(Bukhari, KUab-ul-Azan. Hadilh No: 615)

"Allah (SWT) has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No oik-should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another."

(Muslim, Kitab-uI-Janat, Hadith No; 5109)

"A Muslim who meets others and shares their burdens is better than one who lives a life of seclusion and contemplation."

(Tirmidhi, Shifat-ul-Qyama, Hadith No: 2431)

"Serve Allah (SWT), as you would if you could see Him; although you cannot see Mim, He can see you.
(Uiukhari. Knab-ul-linan, Hadilh No: 48)

"Allah (SWT) does not look at your appearance or your possessions; but He looks at your heart and your deeds."

(Muslim, Kitab-ul-Birr, Hadilh No: 4651)

"The best richness is the richness of the soul."

(Bukhan. Kitab-uJ-Rikak, Hadilh No: 5985)

"To strive for the cause of Allah (SWT) from daybreak to noon or from sunset to daybreak is better than the goods and enjoyment of the whole world."

(Bukium. Kitab-ul-Jihad, Haduh No: 2587)

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