The Mice and the Elephant



Once upon a time there was a colony of mice which feared die elephants. Whenever the elephants walked through the mice's land with their enormous feet many mice were harmed.

One day, the mouse king went to the king of the elephants and said, "If you spare our lives, we will help you in time of need." The elephant king agreed. He ordered the elephants to be careful never to step on a single mouse.

From that day forth the elephants paid attention and lifted their huge legs carefully, never harming their tiny friends. If they entered the land of the mice, they lifted their trunks and trumpeted a warning; "We are coming. We are coming."

One day, elephant trappers came into the forest. They were seeking many elephants for the human king's soldiers to ride in battle. Day by day more and more elephants were caught.

The elephant king was very sad. Then, he remembered the promise of the mice and sent for his little friend, the mouse king. The king of the mice arrived and listened to the elephant's story.

Then the mouse king called all the mice together. Thousands and thousands of mice gathered to discuss how they might help the elephants. No one had forgotten how their huge friends had spared their lives. One clever mouse made a plan. All the mice rejoiced.

The mice formed little groups. The mice in each group gnawed the ropes of each trap with their tiny sharp teeth. By morning, all the elephants were freed. Frustrated, the captors left the forest. Everyone is important, and everyone is talented in a special way. We should not belittle others and be kind and generous because when we sell something we are paid in kind.

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