Birbal's Intelligence Saves Him



Akbar was a very famous Mughal emperor. He had a minister called Birhal in his court. Birhal was known for his witty answers, and Akbar liked him more than any oilier minister for the same reason.

All the other ministers were jealous and thought of a plan to get Birhal out of the way. Then they went to the Kind's barber and told him that if he would help them, he would be rewarded handsomely-One at them even promised that they will make him a minister if Birhal was out of their way- The barber was greedy and agreed readily.

And so the plan set out ....
One day, while cutting the king's hair, the barber thought that it was the right moment, He started praising Akbar's father (whom he had served when he was alive), and the rest of the family who had died. Then he said, "O king! You have so much wealth and luxury. Why don't you think of your dead father? Why don't you give some of your wealth to him?"

Akbar got annoyed, "How can I send him anything when he is dead?" This was the chance' The barber said, "This is what I mean your Highness! I know a magician who can send people to heaven through the smoke of fire. All you need is a person who is witty and intelligent enough to be able to go to heaven and return after talking to your father.

Akbar said, ''Since you know so much, who, do you think will be the best person?" the barber replied instantly, "Who else you majesty, only Birhal your minister is fit to do this, "Akbar was concerned, "But the fire might burn him."

The barber replied, "No, O king. The magician knows a spell which will make him turn into smoke and fly to the heaven."

So the king went to Birhal and ordered him to prepare for the journey to heaven, Birbal asked the king, "Your Highness! Who was it who told you of Such a grout idea? And who is it who en res so much for Lie departed soul of your father?"

Akhar replied, "Who else hut my faithful barber." Birbal said, "He really is faitb r ul to be so concerned for you and your father. I am ready to go, but 1 need a huge amount of money for such a long journey an I want one month for settling my family for the time I will be gone." The king accepted Birbal's conditions,

Birbal gathered some of his faithful servants and friends, and told them to dig a tunnel from the place where the fire would be lit to his home.

After one month, Akhar, his ministers, the barber, the fake magician, and Birbal gathered at the place. Birbal went on and stood over the tunnel. The five was lit and the fake magician started chanting some silly made-up words. Birhal jumped into the tunnel and went straight to his home. The ministers were all very happy to get rid of Birbal.

For many months Birbal hid in his home till his hair grew so large that it looked as if he had never got his hair cut all his life. Meanwhile, his family used the huge amount Akhar had given Birbal, for living.

Then one day Birbal set out to the court. The guards stopped hint as they did not recognize him. He said, "1 am Birbal, and I have to meet the king." Akhar, the king was very happy to see Birbal back again. He asked him about what happened in heaven.

Birbal replied, "Your Highness! I met your father in heaven; he is fine and sends you his greetings, I asked him if he needed anything but all be said was that they have everything in heaven and even more than what he had on Earth. The only thing your father wants is that he told me to send the barber as there are no barbers in heaven. He told me that he wants the best barber. All the barber's needs will be provided for. He asked to send the best barber in the kingdom as soon as I reach earth."

Birbal continued, "As you can see your majesty. Even I could not get my hair cut in heaven and they grow so quickly over there that in just months I am looking like a savage."

King Akbar summoned the barber immediately, and told him the whole story. The barber had no choice, for he could not reveal the truth because that would have brought upon him the king's anger and he would have been killed anyway.

From then onwards, nobody ever tried to mess with the witty Birbal.

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