Hazrat Esa (A) (Part-35)



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These were the various group of people and their beliefs and these were the people among Nabi Esa (A) had to carry on his mission, and for whom rectification he was sent. He first took careful notice of each ones beliefs and with sympathy and love criticised their actions, encouraging them to bring about changes for the better. He endeavoured to remove from them ail evils and to connect them once more to the Creator. However, they refused to make alternations to their evil deeds and not only that, they also started calling him 'the Maseeh of falsehood', becoming his opponents in the spread of the truth. They also made various plans against him and even were bound to seek to kill him.   
The Four Versions of the Injeel
If it the unanimous verdict of all scholars even Christians, that the Injeels which was rdvealed to Nabi Esa (A) is not any one of the Injeels that we have today. What we have today are translations from the Greek and other languages and these versions have undergone various changes, omissions and additions. Further it is not even established that certainly these Books have been written by the students and disciples of Esa (A). There is a strong possibility that they were compiled much later by other writers. However in these Bdoks and their translations there most certainly are certain sermons and utterances of advice give by Nabi Esa (A). Hence occasionally one gets the impression that in parts they contain his actual words.

(Maulana Hifzur Rahman produced an interesting discussion on the present day Injeel and the conclusion of it is that not the original Injeel. Recently another writer Maurice Bicaille wrote a book: " The Bible, Science and the Qur'an", in which he gave his scholarly research on the topic. Both these discussion are worth reading and studying).

The Qur'an and the Injeel
It is a basic principal of the Qur'an that just as Allah is only one, so also His truth is only one. Such truth does not belong to any special nation, people or group. In every nation or country Allah's message of guidance is based on the same basis whieh has always remained the means of guidance for Allah's true messengers and prophets (SM).  

That is what was called, 'The straight path' or 'Islam'. The Qur’an came to teach this forgotten lesson and to remind mankind of it, and this is the final message which carried within it the truth of previous religions and to accomplish the task of being a guidance for all mankind on earth. As such, to reject this message now is tantamount to reject all the truth' of Allah (SWT).

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