The Gift (Part-102)



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Before leaving Imran asked Syakirah to keep in touch with him about Hidayat. Syakirah agreed to call him if there was anything about his brother. Ani just watched how comfortable the two of them seemed. It was as if, they have known each other long. If only they both wanted to keep the marriage she thought.

After Imran had gone, Syakirah busied herself with her class preparation. Ani stayed in Lily's room taking a rest. Just as Syakirah was about to retire to bed, Ani came out.
"Syira, there's something I should have told you earlier. It's about Imran", Ani began and she told Syakirah about Kaira.
Imran reached home at a quarter past twelve. The house was quite. It seemed so empty he thought. He went to clean himself and do solat Isha'. After reading the holy Quran, he went to the study room.

He took out Kaira's picture. On the back of it was written: "I love you always...every where....Kaira". She had said that the picture and the words would keep their hearts close while they were apart till their wedding day. Imran said to himself, "Ya Allah, I really need your guidance. I still love my wife. Kaira's no longer with me, but I don't want to lose the memory of her. I've lost both women I love. What's the use with the wedding if my mother's dead. The wedding was a final gift for her. Something to remember her by. Should I take the gift back and end this marriage?"

Two weeks had passed since Saleha's death. Imran and Syakirah talked to each other every now and then about Hidayat. They were happy that Hidayat was doing fine. Syakirah told him Hidayat looked thinner but he was managing his studies well. Iskandar had asked Imran when Syakirah would move to JB. He said they decided to stay apart until the end of the semester. He thought of telling Iskandar about the truth. But he needed time. He needed to be alone first and get some space to think about what to do next. He talked to Umar who then agreed Imran take some time off to think about the whole thing. He told Umar that in a way he regretted not getting married sooner for his mother.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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