The Gift (Part-105)



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Syakirah was alone in her office after finishing her double period class. She heard from Hidayat's lecturer that he had not come to class for two days. While she was thinking of calling the warden to inquire about Hidayat, Yasmin came by her office.

"How long is this waiting going to be?", Yasmin asked worried. She closed the door and sat infront of Syakirah.
"When he's ready. It maybe anytime now, In sha Allah", Syakirah answered short. Imran would have made a decision she thought. The marriage would be dissolved soon.
"It's been almost what…three weeks now? I just pray that it will come to a final say", said Yasmin.
"You may not know it. Anyone may not see it, but I could see it. You're hurting Syira. It was like when you described how you were after breaking up with Manaf."

"What do you see?", asked Syakirah.
"At first I thought because you've missed Aunt Saleha so much but now you look like you're about to lose someone you love. Do you love him, Syira?"

Syakirah gave in to her feeling. She admitted her feeling for Imran to Yasmin. She confessed she didn't want to go through this again after Manaf. She was afraid of investing love and losing it. But Allah made it happen naturally. She was in love with a man who was legally her husband. She cried and Yasmin was relief because Syakirah finally admitted her feeling.

"Maybe I was born to be a failure in love, Min", said Syira.
Yasmin lightly shook her head. She felt pity for her friend. She believed Allah must have reserved something good for Syakirah after what she had gone through.

"Imran doesn't know, right?", Yasmin asked.
"No. He knows I was putting up a play for Aunt Saleha. Just like he did", said Syakirah.
"Don't you think he should know how you feel now?"
"Like I said, I 'm waiting for his decision. I was supposed to help him for Saleha's last wish. And I've fulfilled my promise".
"You could lose him".
"I know. Allah is enough for me! Hasbi Allah, Min!”, syakirah responded. Sadness was written over her face as much as she wanted to keep it inside. In her heart, she kept saying “Hasbi Allah…” .

“Allah sufficeth me. There is no God but He; On Him is my trust – He the Lord of the Throne (of Glory) Supreme!” (9:129)

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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