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The Messenger of Allah (SWT)  said, "When I was taken up in the ascent (Mi'raj), I passed by people with fingernails of copper who were scratching their faces and chests with them. I asked who are they, Gabriel? And he said, "They are those who slandered others (ate people's flesh) andattacked their reputations."3

Intimidation against instigation amongst the believers, animals and all kinds of beasts: the Prophet (SM) is reported to have said,

"Satan has despaired of ever being worshipped in the land of the Arabs, but he is still hoping to instigate them against each other." 4

Therefore, whoever instigates the sons of Adam against each other and spreads amongst them what causes them harm, he is a tale bearer and he is among the people of the Satan who are the worst of creatures.

The Prophet (SM) is reported to have said, "Will I tell you about the worst amongst you? The companions replied, 'Yes, Messenger of Allah (SWT).' He said," The worst amongst you are the talebearers, who instigate the friends against each other and who seek hardship for the innocent."5

In an authenticated hadith, the Messenger of Allah (SWT)  is reported to have said, "The talebearer will never enter Paradise.6

The talebearer is the one who transfers speech among people or between two friends in a way that harms them or makes their hearts alienated towards each other. He said, such and such said about you so and so and did so and so, unless it will be of a benefit or in his interests such as warning him against an evil which may happen or is expected.

As for instigating animals, beasts or birds againsteach other, it is not allowed such as bickering among cocks, bullfights among rams and instigating dogs against each other.

The Messenger of Allah (SWT)  prohibited such actions and whoever does it, he disobeys Allah (SWT) and his Messenger. Making the heart of the wife alienated towards her husband, or a servant towards his master,also comes under such evil doing. The Messenger of Allah (SWT)  is reported to have said,

"Whoever instigates the wife against her husband ora slave against his master is a cursed person." We seek refuge in Allah (SWT) from such doing." 1 Invitation to make reconciliation amongst people Allah (SWT), the Almighty said,

{In most of their secret talks there is no good: but if one exhorts to a deed of charity or goodness or reconciliation between people (secrecy is permissible): to him who does this, seeking the good pleasure of Allah (SWT), we shall soon give a reward of the highest (value)}
(An-Nisa': 114)

Concerning this verse, Mujahid said, "This is general between all people. Allah (SWT) means that there is no good in secret talks of the people except in acts of goodness and this is what meant by Allah (SWT)'s saying, "But if one exhorts to a deed of charity... " Ibn 'Abbassaid, what is meant is that maintaining relations with one's kinship and observing Allah (SWT)'s worship. All charitable acts are called good because they are realized by the mind. "Or a conciliation between people." This is encouraged by the Messenger of Allah (SWT). He (SM) saidto Abu Ayub Al-Ansari," Would I lead you to a charity which is better for you than the red camels.' He said, 'Yes, Messenger of Allah (SWT).' The Prophet  (SM)  said,

"Reconcile between people when they are quarreling with each other and bring them near each other when their relationship breaks down (by ceasing relations) with each other."2

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MAJOR SINS - Imam Shamsu ed-Deen Dhahabi

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MAJOR SINS (Part-124)

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