Sayeduna Muhammad (SM) (Part-7)



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Then He made them like an empty field of stalks and straw, (of which the com) had been eaten up? (105:1-5)

In any case the year of the Elephant was the year of the birth of Rasulullah (SM) and this event was the nearest sign pointing towards his birth. And the reality of this is quite clear to him,    

"Who has a heart for the acceptance of Truth And who with wide-awake attention lends out his bars to listen."

Verdict Regarding His Day of Birth
All the historians agree on three things concerning the birth of Rasulullah (SM) Firstly, that the year of his birth was the year of the Elephant. However they differ as to which day of Rabb-il-Awwal was the actual day of his birth. Among the general Muslim public it has become well-known that it was the 12th of Rabee-ul-Awwal. There are some weak traditions which support this view. However the majority of Ulama agree that the correct date is the 8th. But the most reliable and authentic view is that it was the 9th.  

The well-known scholars of history as well as most eminent scholars of Deen consider this last view to be most correct. This is the view held by Humaidy, Aqeel, Yunus bin Yazeed, Ibn Abdullah, Ibn Hazm, Muhammad bin Moosa, Khwarizmi, Abul Khattaab bin Wahya, Ibn Taimya, Ibn Qayyim, Ibn Katheer, Ibn Hajar Asqalani, Shaikh Badruddin Ayny and others.

Mahmood Pasha, who was a well-known Turkish Astronomer who drew up an astronomical table with the purpose of giving the eclipses of the sun and the moon (from the time of Rasulullah (SM) right up to our modem times has proven that nowhere in that time did a Monday, fall on the 12th of Rabee-il-Awwal. Hence in accordance with the reliable and authentic reports as well as proof from astronomical tables we are forced to declare that 9 Rabeeil-Awwal is the day of his birth Now, how long was that after the incident of the Companions of the Elephant? Among the various views and opinions the most famous view is that it took place after fifty days since the As-Haabil-Feel incident.

His Genealogy
Nabi Muhammad (SM) was of Arabic off-spring and belonged to one of the most honoured Arabic tribes-the tribes of Quraish and was a member of one of the most respected of its branches-Bani Hashim. The Holy Qur'an in addressing the Arabs has on various occasions referred to his Arab descent.  

For example: "It is He who sent among the unlettered a Messenger from among themselves, to rehearse to them his verses, to sanctify them  and instruct them in scripture and wisdom-although they had been before in manifest error." (62:2)  

And also: "And no has come unto you a messenger from amongst yourselves." (9:128)
Further: "Allah did confer a great favour upon the believers when he sent among them a Messenger from among themselves." (3:164)
"And thus have We sent By Inspiration to you, [O Muhammad (SM) ] An Arabic Qur'an that you may warn the mother of Cities (Makkah) and all around her and warn them of the Day of Assembly." (42:7)

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